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180 Club Real Estate Site is The Premier Source For Wholesale Real Estate Deals In The City Of Atlanta

The 180 Club is unique in that no one has sold more deals than and made more  profits than most anyone in the wholesale game in this area.  Therefore we are best suited to provide the cream of the crop as it relates to residential wholesale deals and more exclusively commercial.


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The 180 Mission

We make it easy for investors to purchase the right property, at the right price, from anywhere in the world by managing risk, protecting capital and providing exceptional customer service. 


Residential Property

Buying and Selling or even holding residential property is one of easiest ways to get involved with real estate investing. Everyone understands the concept of a simple single family house and its value in the marketplace. Wholesaling renting single family homes remains one of the most tried and true methods of acquiring wealth and doesn't take a rocket scientist to grasp. We endeavor to provide a constant source of discounted properties for our investor members to acquire and profit. Utilizing our portal gives them the dual benefit of not only acquisition, but just as importantly a platform to post and resell 24 hours a day. Thus we are an invaluable source for buyers and sellers.

Commercial Property

We provide unique opportunities to purchase highly sought after Commercial Property that is off market and ripe for the picking putting our investors in position to acquire and realize handsome returns. Our goal is to continually provide information from a plethora of sources that will empower our members to have the edge over the competition and keep them several steps ahead of the everyone else. We always say, you cannot buy and benefit from what you do not know is available. Thus, we endeavor to provide the highest quality and most accurate and relevant listings available on any given day.


One of the unique features of our Portal that makes us different than everyone else is our ability to provide fresh foreclosures in the Atlanta market for investor's review. Opposed to embarking on the daunting task of countless hours of research at the courthouse, our dedicated staff has done the work for you freeing up smart investors to do what they do best which is analyze information and make smart decisions. We provide the relevant information in a snapshot which allows investors to to decide what they want and take action in a mere fraction of the time.


It is no secret that there have been more millionaires created utilizing real estate than any other industry that doesn't require a PHD.  Few other industries provide opportunities for the ordinary guy or gal to put simple deals together with little or no capital that will yield $100k to well over a million dollars on a single transaction.  This is possible upon locating the right deal and connecting it with the right end buyer which is known as Wholesaling. Or if you have cash on hand available, simply buying at a deep discount and reselling for a handsome profit is just as suitable.